About Us

We have been the go-to authority on boutique hotels in Europe for decades.  Sweet, small, family-run hotels in all of the favorite European destinations.  Over time, however, we have developed our brand into an “accommodations solution provider.”  Often mixing the knowledge of boutique hotel experiences with the need for more room for families traveling together to see the splendor of Europe.  That is why we are now offering private apartments online.  Our private apartments are available for stays of a least three nights all the way up to months on end.  And, since you have been trusting us for years to pick the right boutique hotel, you can rest assured that unlike the “you know who’s dot com,” that our apartments are inspected and approved with local management and on-site meet, greet and orientation.  Click on our wide selection in Paris, Rome, Barcelona and others, browse the apartment that might be right for you, and remember you can always ask us for assistance or book right away for your dates online.  Small & Elegant Apartments, like our hotels, give you the best formula for a great boutique travel experience.  Book away!